Growing Opposition to Driven Grouse Shooting Amongst Politicians & Public

4 March 2018

Gavin Gamble’s e-petition to the UK government calls for ban on driven grouse shooting, and as support for it is increasing, it’s interesting that very recently, the new Environmental Advisor to Theresa May (Sir John Randall) has expressed his deep concern about driven grouse shooting, mainly due to the ongoing criminal persecution of birds of prey, along with the ‘intensification’ of pheasant shooting1.

A day after bloodsports lobbyists go the press with their concerns about a ‘war on fieldsports’2, information comes to light of a rare goshawk nest being destroyed in a public forest, which, coincidentally, is surrounded by driven grouse moors3. This neatly finishes the year by showing, once again, what driven grouse shooting depends on; relentless persecution of countless predators whether legally protected or not. Fortunately, opposition from grassroots campaigners & activists, professional wildlife organisations & politicians is increasing…


  • The Scottish National Party adopted a policy of licensing these moors; it’s not a ban and only affects Scottish grouse moors, but it will hopefully be better than what we have now4
  • The extent of both legal & illegal wildlife persecution was revealed on the Moscar Estate in the Peak District earlier this year by Hunt Investigation Team5
  • Hunt saboteurs closed down numerous shoots on the opening of the grouse shooting season, this year, the so-called Inglorious Twelfth, this year6
  • The National Trust were strongly opposed by many groups over their grouse shooting leases in the Peak District after an apparent attempt to lure hen harriers to a waiting shotgun. Unfortunately7, in keeping with their keen efforts to protect bloodsports as shown by their groundless belief in ‘trail hunting’, they ignored non-shooting lease bids from established wildlife organisations and allowed more grouse shooting, albeit with restrictions…
  • Grouse shooting has been abandoned by Bradford Council due to the damage it was shown to cause and due to the sustained campaigning of Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (BBIM)8
  • Derbyshire Wildlife Trust responded to the National Trust’s recent decision to continue to allow shooting with disappointment and a renewed call for a new approach to upland management, one where wildlife is prioritised over bloodsports9
  • The RSPB have ceased their involvement with the Peak District Bird of Prey initiative10 because some ‘partners’ i.e. gamekeepers & the Moorland Association were hindering efforts11 to help birds of prey recover…

These are the results of widespread concern & disgust with this ‘fieldsport’, but what are the issues…?

- Snares

Snares are commonly used to eliminate foxes (legally12) & badgers (illegally13) to boost the numbers of red grouse for shooting, despite the cruelty involved and despite the latter species being fully protected by law. DEFRA knows full well the welfare implications of these hideous traps and how often they catch and severely harm countless ‘non-target’ species14. Last year we saw masked gamekeepers snaring & shooting badgers on the Moscar Estate, which coincidentally belongs to the Duke of Rutland (the Duke owns the Belvoir Hunt who have been involved in sketchy behaviour to say the least15, 16). Prohibition of driven grouse shooting would hopefully bring an end to, or heavily reduce, the use of these so-called ‘humane traps’ on upland habitat.

- Climate Change

Intensive burning of heather on moorland is done to create better conditions for red grouse in order to have more boost the amount of birds available to be shot for sport. This exacerbates the global issue of climate change and has been described by the Committee for Climate Change as a continued damaging practice17. Burning also creates many other issues such as decreased biodiversity amongst macroinvertebrate communities (insects, basically) along with adverse impacts on Sphagnum moss species, which are critical to the creation of carbon storing peat18. Yet another practice of moorland bloodsport managers that degrades the environment.

- Illegal Bird of Prey Persecution

Criminal destruction of raptors on moorland is rampant; most famously the hen harrier but falcons19, 20, eagles21 & other species are widely persecuted. In the Peak District, attempts to work with those responsible for the crimes to boost raptor numbers appear to be futile, as some of the key species for the Bird of Prey initiative continue to face widespread hostility and are not recovering22.

Gavin Gamble’s Petition

Concerns about animal cruelty might have struck home within the Conservative Party, likely because their tendency to endorse sociopathy (like fox hunting23) hasn’t done them any favours.

They could be on the right side of history and take the action that Gavin Gamble is asking for, to bring an end to the issues above and the countless other degradations inflicted on the environment by a criminal shooting industry, but his petition needs many more signatures before then.


****Please sign it here***



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