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Animals Manifesto


The Green Party Animal Manifesto for the 2017 General Election is available from the links below:

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Greens for Animal Protection

Greens for Animal Protection (GAP) is a Green Party initiative which aims to develop policy on animal protection issues and also campaign for animals.

All members of the Green Party are entitled to be full members of GAP.  Non-Green Party members are also very welcome to support us in campaigns.

Only Green Party (full) members have voting rights at meetings and the AGM.

Click here to find out more about GAP and how you can help animals.

Vote for your Green Party candidate in the General Election

Teresa May has pledged to bring back fox hunting and will continue to waste public money on the Badger Cull.


The Tories are saying they will protect the environment but they all supported Cameron when he said he would “get rid of all the green crap”. 

The Tories have a history of scrapping environment laws yet they’re now saying ‘trust us’. 

Stop the Badger Cull

The petition to Stop the Badger Cull started by Simon King OBE was successful and there was a debate held in Parliment to discuss it.

A video of the debate can be found at alongside a link to the official Hansard record (transcript) of the debate.

Unfortunately our fight for the badgers will have to continue.


Badger protest-Caroline Lucas

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