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Team Badger

GAP supports the work of Team Badger which works throughout the country.

Like Team Badger we are convinced that culling does not work and that alternative TB control methods need to be used including better biosecurity on farms where there are any animals.

Team Badger's work is based on scientific fact and there is evidence that culling Badgers is inhumane and ineffective.

Badgers are dying in the culls based on bad science for politically motivated reasons. 

There are alternatives to killing Badgers available to stop Bovine TB and these are found to be more effective if administered properly.

Unfortunately, whilst we are still in European Market, it is illegal to use these in food animals but the Government has the opportunity to change this on Brexit being enacted.

Team Badger can be contacted on Facebook, via Twitter and on their website.

Wounded Badger Patrols

GAP also encourages you to support your nearest Wounded Badger Patrol.

These are patrols of  areas where Badgers are being culled so you get a chance to recover an injured Badger, it also disrupts the chance to cull the Badgers.

If whilst on patrol you find any illegal evidence if digging out, or blocking up of setts please contact the wildlife liaison officer of your local police force.

Do not disturb what you have found unless there is a live animal involved as this would potentially be a crime scene.

GAP only ever supports legal based actions and does not condone any illegal actions in defence of Badgers or in any other of its campaigns.

If you ever see a marksman in the cull zones on land owned by ???? they will be committing armed trespass which must be reported to the Police immediately on 999 and keep your distance  for your own safety.

These organisations do not allow culling on their land and the local police are aware of this.

Links to the Wounded Badger Patrols are found on the Team Badger website.


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